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Local councillors give children’s playpark summer makeover

Two local city councillors give children’s playpark summer makeover.

With summer just around the corner, the children’s playpark with the big slide in Downs Barn will receive a fresh lick of paint ready for the school holidays.

With paint and brushes supplied by the City Council, Councillors Nana Oguntola and Paul Trendall were out on Saturday 3 June to freshen up the popular playground in their ward.

The councillors were joined by the Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward Focus Team and members from the local community.

They spent hours painting the tall wooden beams on the obstacle course bright red and blue colours, and so far, a third of the wooden beams have been painted.

The works on the park are part of a wider improvement scheme by Milton Keynes City Council.

Residents have welcomed this summer makeover as the park is popular with families in the local community and even further afield across the city.

Councillor Nana Oguntola, who represents Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward, said:

“The playpark is massively popular with the local community and everyday dozens of families travel across the city to bring their children here to play. Residents were concerned that the park was looking a bit tired, so we listened and have made improvements for the local community. As the cost-of-living crisis continues and with the school holidays just around the corner it’s vital that fun and free playparks are well maintained for everyone to enjoy.”

Fellow ward Councillor Paul Trendall, added:

“We should all take pride in our local area, and this is a great example of the community joining together and working hard to keep the park looking good. We are looking forward to continuing painting and chatting to more residents within the community soon.”

Painting is expected to be completed over the next few weeks.

The Campbell Park and Old Woughton Ward Focus Team will be back painting the park in Downs Barn on Saturday 10 June at 10am, meeting by the obstacle course.


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