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Local lady Jo walks a mile a day for mental health charity

Joanne McClaren, also known as Jo, is well known across Milton Keynes for her years of dedication to supporting much loved local causes.

Jo was recently recognised by winning an MK50 award for her work within the community, her dedication is second to none.

Having previously struggled with her own mental health battles, Jo joined Mind BLMK’s campaign to “Walk a mile.” It’s not only good for awareness but also a physical challenge that is highly accessible and achievable for most of society. It also encourages a proactive way in helping to improve people’s mental well-being.

Jo told us, “Over the years I've found coping mechanisms and have always been open about my struggles. I want to raise much-needed awareness and funds to support others. Mental health is just as important as physical health, and no one should ever feel alone or unable to talk about how they are feeling.”

We all know how tough 2020 was and there is no denying that we have moved into 2021 with more struggles ahead but Jo has found her mile walks to have really helped.

“The Mile a Day has really helped me through my worst month of the year and I hope to inspire others.”

Jo is trying to recruit one extra a person a month to join her on her quest to walk 1 mile a day.

Alongside Charlotte Moyle, Jo is a co-founder of MK Charities, an organisation we’ve been keen to support in recent months. They work tirelessly supporting local charities and non for profit organisations to help them grow & sustain their community work, which has been a challenge in itself throughout the pandemic but also of course rewarding.

“2020 has been so difficult for so many and Mind BLMK are here to support the community in our local area. I want to raise vital funds to help support those that need help in these difficult times and beyond. Please help me by donating what you can or by sharing my page or social media posts.”

Jo has a simple message to end on, “Together we can make a difference.”

Jo is hoping to raise £500 by the end of the month and she is very close to her target. If you can donate, please do. More importantly, if you want to take walk a mile a say, find out more on the Mind BLMK page.

Go outside and walk a mile, it WILL help


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