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Local Laundrette promotes 'No Masks Required' and 'No Discrimination' causing customer concern

A local resident has contacted us to explain their concern with a sign that is displayed in the window of a Laundrette in Milton Keynes.

Bubbles Laundromat in Netherfield have a sign displayed in their shop window saying,

No To Discrimination

Burst Boris's Bubble.

We don't care if you are

Young or old

Gay or straight

Male or female

Left or right

Muslim or Christian

Vaccinated or not

We do however care about your freedom and rights.

Government only have the consent you allow them to have.''

They also have another poster in the window of a mask with a big cross through it quoting ''Ask about our 'MASKLESS' discount.''

The anonymous resident said to us,

''I passed by the shop and couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the posters. I understand people have opinions about the whole pandemic and it's refreshing to see they don't discriminate in normal times but I don't see how they can actively promote in this way, against guidance from the government and be allowed to remain open. It concerns me that local people who may use their services, who may be vulnerable, may not feel they can access the business safely.''

We are close to the end of this pandemic (or so it feels) and we do not wish to head back in to another lockdown, ever again.

We want local businesses to thrive and to be open again under normal circumstances.

Are businesses such as this one harming the longevity and future of others by promoting in such way?

Please when you go out, follow the government guidance.

Hands, face & space.

Let's not go backwards when we are so close to the end.


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