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Local MP Calls On PM To Lead Support For Female Education In Afghanistan

Ben Everitt, the MP for Milton Keynes North, is calling on the Prime Minister to work with the G20 to ensure support for the education of young people in Afghanistan.

A joint letter, signed by more than 100 MPs from different political parties including Ben, highlights that female enrolment in education increased to 80% from zero during the last 20 years but there is a fear this will change under Taliban rule.

It suggests Boris Johnson should lead a coordinated effort with the G20 to increase humanitarian and development assistance, provide support to host countries of newly arriving refugees and increasing scholarships for overseas tertiary studies.

Ben has been in regular contact with the Home Office, Foreign Office and Ministry Of Defence regarding the situation in Afghanistan and recently met resettled refugees in Newport Pagnell with Defence Minister Leo Docherty to discuss their experiences and support they may need.

Ben Everitt MP said: “During our time in Afghanistan we have helped get 80% of girls into education and now we have left we need to ensure continued education opportunities for girls, women and minorities from Afghanistan.

“The Government has undertaken a huge effort to resettle Afghan refugees in the UK and I’m proud of the work our Armed Forces have done in Afghanistan over the last 20 years so I hope the Prime Minister will lead a coordinated response with the G20 to ensure the simple right to education is accessible for every female.”

See below the letter sent to Prime Minister Boris Johnson.


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