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Long-serving Lib Dem councillor to retire in May

A long-serving Lib Dem councillor on Milton Keynes City Council will be retiring in May due to health reasons.

Councillor Vanessa McPake who has represented Monkston for almost two decades on Milton Keynes City Council will be retiring in May due to health reasons.

First elected in 2007, Councillor McPake has helped hundreds of people with local issues and has been a key spokesperson for transport and the environment.

From campaigning for a new balancing lake to landscaping issues Councillor McPake has worked tirelessly over the years for local people.

Councillor McPake, said:

“Whilst it’s been a huge honour to represent residents in Monkston for the last 17 years, I have decided to retire in May. Although this has been a difficult decision, I have recently come up against some health problems, which in the future could limit my physical ability as a councillor. So, I have decided that it would be best to retire, so that residents can be represented by a new councillor who will be able to give them the level of support they deserve.”

Lib Dem Leader Councillor Robin Bradburn, added:

“Councillor McPake is a much-valued member of our group and well-respected across the City Council, although it is very sad that she will be retiring in May, health must always come first.

“Vanessa has worked tirelessly for her residents for nearly two decades which is a great accomplishment as it shows how dedicated she has been to the role. I’d like to thank her for all her hard work and all that she has achieved for the people of Monkston.

“Duncan Banks will be standing in Monkston in May, and I have no doubt that he will be an excellent representative to join Councillor Ferrans and Councillor Adewale.”


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