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Milton Keynes interfaith groups call on local MPs to press for Israeli ceasefire

A coalition of faith groups from across the city have signed an open letter requesting an urgent meeting with Milton Keynes MPs Ben Everitt and Iain Stewart and calling upon them to support an immediate ceasefire in Gaza, Israel and on the West Bank, to stop further loss of civilian life.

The group, which is made up of representatives from Muslim, Jewish, Christian, Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist and non-faith communities, also seeks the urgent opening of humanitarian corridors for aid and adequate provision of food, fuel, medicine and other humanitarian assistance, as well as the restoration of water and electricity to Gaza.

Acknowledging the immense distress being felt around the globe during this current crisis, and the pain, grief and helplessness felt by many Milton Keynes citizens, the group expresses its horror at the “killing of over ten thousand innocent civilians on both sides (as of 7/11/2023), two thirds of these being women and young children.” The group reminds the MPs that “The state of Israel is internationally recognised and has a democratically elected government which is required to adhere to international human rights laws. The killing of innocent non-combatants, blocking of essentials (food, fuel and water) and destruction of critical infrastructure like roads, hospitals and schools must be stopped immediately.” The group expresses its shock and disappointment that “humanitarian agencies’ warnings of unprecedented human catastrophe are being ignored.”

In the letter, the group also calls for the urgent return of all hostages. It ends with a final appeal to Milton Keynes’s MPs to condemn and discourage the dehumanising rhetoric currently being used by the mainstream media and certain prominent politicians, which is polarising public opinion and bringing discord to the communities they represent. The group cites localised incidents where individuals are receiving abuse for being of a particular faith.

SNP has tabled an amendment to Tuesday's Kings Speech, which calls on the government to “join with the international community in urgently pressing all parties to agree to an immediate ceasefire”. It will likely be voted for on Wednesday 15th November. The coalition of Milton Keynes faith groups is calling for the city’s MPs to support this vote.


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