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Milton Keynes Youth Orchestra selected to perform at Symphony Hall

The Milton Keynes Youth Orchestra has been selected to perform at the world-renowned Symphony Hall on 6 July.

The MK Youth Orchestra which learns its craft at Milton Keynes City Council’s Music Education Hub will take to the prestigious Symphony Hall in Birmingham. The invitation to play at Music For Youth’s National Festival at Symphony Hall is a testament to the recent achievements of MK’s Youth Orchestra which is well known for its exceptional talent and the artistic excellence of the city’s young people.

The Hub is part of Milton Keynes City Council’s commitment to bolstering youth involvement in arts in the city which is made up of schools and key partners in the music industry. The faculty gives young people the opportunity to receive an excellent music education and develop their skills through high quality instrumental and vocal tuition. In particular, the city council working alongside the Hub has focused on attracting young people from underrepresented groups to take part in its activities.

Further information about the Music Hub and the show at Symphony Hall is available at:  


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