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MK City Council objects to Buckinghamshire development

Milton Keynes City Council will formally object to a development on the edge of Milton Keynes, citing concerns with the impact it will have on the city’s infrastructure and core services.

City Council Leader Cllr Peter Marland will take a decision next week (3/10) to submit a technical response to Buckinghamshire Council’s consultation on the controversial Shenley Park application.

Shenley Park would see over 1,200 homes built on land just opposite Tattenhoe and Kingsmead, but out of the city’s boundary.

The plans have caused concern in the local community over the potential loss of land currently used as green space, the increased pressures on the already-busy H6 and A421, and the impact it will have on Milton Keynes’ services, such as GP access.

The proposed response will recommend that Milton Keynes City Council objects to the development, highlighting that Buckinghamshire Council’s Supplementary Planning Document (SPD) does not meet the planning standards of Milton Keynes.

The City Council will also suggest that the evidence is currently too poor to agree to the road proposals.

Cllr Peter Marland, Leader of MK City Council, said:

“We are being very clear that Milton Keynes City Council opposes the Shenley Park development.

“The consultation response to the SPD is mainly a technical planning document, but we want to highlight that the proposed development does not meet the standards we’d expect of a development on our border. We’re also concerned about the proposed road access and devastating impact that this could have on MK’s services.”

Cllr James Lancaster, who represents Tattenhoe ward, added:

“I have discussed this matter in a constructive way with the Leader of the City Council and I am pleased that the submission to Buckinghamshire Council will make it clear that we oppose the development and the current proposals for the road.”


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