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MK City Council’s £20,000 donation is a boost for small groups

Around £20,000 in city council grants has helped 11 small local charities and community groups unlock new opportunities for local people, funding diverse projects from pre-school equipment to more accessible pathways.

The projects have been funded by Milton Keynes City Council through its 2050 Community Capacity Fund, shared on its behalf by the MK Community Foundation.

The City Council originally set up the Fund in 2019 with a £150,000 donation to help small charities and groups struggling during the pandemic, and it adds £50,000 each year. Just a few of the projects provided with funding over the last twelve months are:

  • York House Centre in Stony Stratford - creating wider walkways and improving access around the centre, which hosts various community organisations.

  • Great Linford St Andrews Scout Group – replacing old equipment and subsidising the cost of attending a week-long camp, to allow more young people to learn cooking and survival skills.

  • African Diaspora Foundation - supporting the African Diaspora Festival which helps local African community groups work together in new ways.

  • Giffard Park Primary School – taking learning out of the classroom for an environmental event with the ELECTRA electric canal boat team.

The MK City Council 2050 Community Capacity Fund is just one of many ways the City Council supports local charities, and earlier this year it estimated it had recently given more than £1.4 million in grant funding to city charities on top of funding it provides every year to organisations who deliver services on its behalf.

“While some of the groups and charities we’ve supported though the Community Capacity Fund are small, they are mighty in what they do and achieve – and they’re perfectly positioned to understand what their local communities need. I’d like to thank the people who work at or give up their spare time to volunteer with these projects, and I’m pleased they’ve been putting this funding to such good use.” - Deputy Leader of MK City Council, Cllr Robin Bradburn

“This fantastic outcome demonstrates the impact of a strong strategic partnership between Milton Keynes Community Foundation and Milton Keynes City Council. An enduring partnership that showcases the power of ongoing investment, what it produces and the significant impact the year-on-year spending has in our community.” - Chief Executive of MK Community Foundation, Ian Revell


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