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MK Community Foundation and MK Council working together with launch of Afghan Crisis Appeal

The crisis in Afghanistan and the fallout for people who have had to leave their homes has been devastating. Having to start up again in a different country is difficult for anyone, but for those that have been through this immensely challenging journey as a result of the recent events in Afghanistan, it is incomprehensively tough.

MK Community Foundation and Milton Keynes Council have partnered up to deliver an appeal aimed at helping the people who are starting new lives here in Milton Keynes under the refugee settlement programme to support the needs of our new community.

The appeal aim is to ease the hardship, isolation and settlement caused directly or indirectly by the Afghan Crisis for refugees planning to settle in Milton Keynes and to enable community groups to respond to supporting vulnerable refugees in our community.

There will be support that is required to help settle and welcome refugees whose new home will be in Milton Keynes. Some of this will include: food requirements, education and employment, language skills, physical and mental health support and overall integration into the wider community.

Milton Keynes Community Foundation are the leading grant-making charity in Milton Keynes and have in depth knowledge and expertise in delivering appeals and distributing funds. This past year has seen the Foundation deliver over £1million of funding through their Covid-19 response appeal to local charity groups that were working hard to support vulnerable people through the pandemic.

Ian Revell, Chief Executive of MK Community Foundation says: “The launch of this appeal creates an opportunity for all the good wishes and heartfelt welcome to be channelled into supporting the Afghan Refugees who settle in Milton Keynes, for the long term. Now is the time to support these heroic people who have lost everything”.

Pete Marland, MK Council says: “The public response to helping people when they need it most has been huge. Working with the MK Community Foundation to launch this appeal we can help the Afghan Refugees in the longer-term too.”

Voluntary and Community sector non-profit organisations supporting refugees directly in Milton Keynes will be able to apply for funding on MK Community Foundation’s website at: for grants of up to £3000 initially.

Imagine being thousands of miles away from everything and everyone you know, imagine fleeing your home country as a last resort and having to leave everything behind in order to protect yourself and your family. This is the terrifying reality that these people have had to face.

If you are wondering what the best way is to help, you can donate to the appeal which is live now - Click Here - to show your support.

Any donation is greatly appreciated and will go to supporting these refugees in their new life


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