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MK Council is due to commission a new study to help shape the future growth and facilities of MK

The study is set to be commissioned by MK Council later this month (21 September) to help decide what local infrastructure will best support MK as it grows. The Council has always been clear that infrastructure must come before expansion, to ensure local people have good access to schools, roads, healthcare and so on.

Milton Keynes Council recently secured £665,000 in national funding to explore how best to deliver the 60,000 new homes and up to 90,000 new jobs promised in its local plan and Strategy for 2050.

It plans to involve local people in its thinking as it seeks to create more affordable homes for local people and reinvest monies created by development to re-invest in infrastructure and local services.

Leader of MK Council, Cllr Pete Marland said: “We have ambitious plans for the next stage of Milton Keynes’ growth, as set out in our local plan and strategy for 2050. We’ve always been clear that infrastructure must come before expansion. This study along with the funding will give us a better roadmap to delivering a future MK that is fairer and more prosperous for everyone, but delivers the unique character of the place, grid roads, schools and affordable housing for local families.”

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