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MK Council Reaffirms Commitment to Protect Sports Pitches

The Playing Pitch Strategy, set to be adopted via Delegated Decision next week, provides the Council with guidance and recommendations for outdoor sports facility development across the borough.

It recommends the Council work to protect all current sport pitch sites, and ensure more provision is added in line with population growth.

In late 2019, Milton Keynes had as many as 225 football pitches, 35 artificial grass pitches, 28 cricket pitches, 18 rugby pitches, 4 hockey pitches and 2 baseball diamonds.

Councillor Jane Carr, Liberal Democrat Progressive Alliance Member for Tackling Inequalities and Child Poverty, said: “It is more important than ever to engage children and young people in sport and physical activity as we emerge from the pandemic.”

Councillor Carr, who also has responsibility for sport, added: “We’re proud to have a significant amount of outdoor sports pitches in Milton Keynes, but we need more – that’s why we need an updated strategy for the future of sports provision, so it can be properly assessed, protected and developed.”

“Not only does sport encourage movement and exercise, but it can help build resilience, respect and team-working skills, helping to put our children and young people on the right path.”