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Milton Keynes Council have relaxed their targets for reducing fly-tipping despite figures revealing another forecast shattering rise in fly-tipping incidents across MK from May to July.

In 2020-21, MK recorded 5819 incidents of fly-tipping with an average of nearly 500 reports every month.

This prompted calls from the MK Conservatives for MK Council to wage a “war on fly-tipping” that would include scrapping the tip-booking system, increasing enforcement, and delivering waste amnesties that would include temporary community skips for bulky waste.

But fly-tipping numbers have soared once again with 1342 incidents of fly-tipping recorded from May to July. If fly-tipping continued at this pace over 12 months, it would smash official targets with well over 5000 incidents of fly-tipping.

However, the Labour/Lib Dem MK Council has confirmed “the targets have been changed” and the number for the year ahead will be the actual amount that was recorded in total last year - one of the worst year’s in MK’s recent history for reports of fly-tipping.

This means fly-tipping is now recorded as ‘green’ rather than ‘red’ in the performance indicators suggesting that the Council has changed its targets to avoid criticism for a lack of action.

Cllr Alex Walker, Leader of the Conservative Group, said:

“Despite fly-tipping continuing to soar across MK, the Labour and Liberal Democrat coalition are patting themselves on the back by adjusting their forecasts to make it seem like they’re on target to reduce fly-tipping in MK.

The reality is fly tipping is still a massive problem in our city and fiddling with the figures does nothing to solve the problem impacting our residents and their communities.”