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MK Lib Dems Demand Action on Damaging Impact of Fireworks

Local Liberal Democrats are asking MK Council to take action to help reduce the impact of fireworks on animals and vulnerable people at next week’s Full Council.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Uroy Clarke will be proposing the motion: “Although responsible fireworks displays are enjoyable for many, we cannot ignore that for pets, wildlife and some vulnerable people, the noises can be stressful and scary.”

If the motion is successful, Councillor Paul Trendall, Cabinet Member for Customer Services, will be asked to encourage public firework displays to be advertised in advance, promote an awareness campaign about the impact of fireworks on animals and vulnerable people, and encourage local suppliers to stock ‘quieter’ fireworks.

The Chief Executive will also write to the Government, urging them to introduce legislation to limit the maximum noise level of fireworks.

Councillor Clarke concluded: “I hope that my fellow councillors will agree that this Council should be taking action to support and protect animals and vulnerable residents across Milton Keynes.”

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