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MK’s thriving Indian community to find a new site for a proposed Hindu temple

Tattenhoe’s newly elected Conservative Councillor, Manish Verma, has said he will work with MK’s thriving Indian community to find a new site for a proposed Hindu temple.

It comes after a planning application for a Hindu temple in Tattenhoe was turned down in November by MK Council’s Democratic Control Committee (DCC) and following that, the dismissal of the appeal due to a lack of essential supporting documents.

The site was originally found to be inappropriate for a temple due to concerns over increased traffic and gridlock and a design out of keeping with the local area with a shipping-container based construction having been proposed.

Cllr Manish Verma and Cllr James Lancaster have promised to look at all available options and work with the Council, the MK Community Foundation and the Indian community to locate a new site for a Hindu temple.

Cllr Manish Verma said:

“A Hindu temple would be a welcome addition to Milton Keynes. We recognise the hard work that those involved with the temple put in to try and achieve this, however, to make this a success for all, we need to come together to find a sensible site that achieves broad community support.

“Providing our Hindu community with a better opportunity to worship locally should be a priority for a diverse and inclusive city like Milton Keynes so we will be doing all we can to work towards that goal”.

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