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More than 700 arrests made as part of drink drive campaign – Thames Valley

Thames Valley Police and Hampshire Constabulary’s Joint Operations Unit made more than 700 arrests across both force areas as part of Operation Holly.

From 1 December to 31 December, officers carried out targeted activity in order to stop drivers under the influence of drink and drugs.

Across both force areas, 737 arrests were made, with 451 of those being made in the Thames Valley alone. This is an increase of 24% compared to last year.

Of those arrests made, 283 were for drink driving and 168 for drug driving.

There was also a 42% increase in arrests of those aged under 25 on last year with the figure rising to 101.

Detective Chief Inspector Mike Bettington, of the Joint Operations Roads Policing Unit, said: “Operation Holly is carried out throughout the festive period every year and it’s disappointing to see that people are still getting behind the wheel when under the influence of drink and/or drugs.

“We see all too often the devastating consequences that can result from this behaviour and I am pleased that we have managed to make so many arrests and prevent the potential harm that can be caused by drink and drug drivers.

“Our priority is to make the roads safer for everyone and we’d ask the public to help us do this by challenging anyone you think may be about to drive having drank alcohol or used drugs.

“Even the smallest amount of alcohol or drugs can impact on your driving. It’s not worth the risk.”


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