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New analysis reveals families in Milton Keynes pay over £27m in VED but receive just £9m in return

New analysis, published by MK Labour today, reveals the huge disparity between how much motorists in Milton Keynes pay in road tax (VED), and how little we get back from DfT in Highways Maintenance Grant.

Motorists in Milton Keynes pay a total of approximately £27.2 million in road tax each year. But Milton Keynes received just £9.3m in return in DfT grant – down 15% in the last year.

Publishing the figures, Labour Leader of Milton Keynes Council, Cllr Pete Marland, said: “Families in Milton Keynes are getting hammered by the Conservatives. If it’s not a rise in National Insurance, it’s a cut in Universal Credit or soaring energy prices. Now we know that they are being hit by the Road Tax Rip off as well.

“For every penny motorists pay in road tax – we get just a tiny fraction back to actually maintain the roads, and even that is being cut! Once again, it’s crystal clear that whatever this Conservative government’s priorities are, it’s not us here in Milton Keynes.”

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