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Newport Pagnell schools receive donation to help with impact of COVID

A local councillor has donated £1,000 of their COVID ward-based budget to local schools.

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr, who represents Newport Pagnell South, has donated the money to help local schools as they recover from the pandemic and lockdowns. The money will go towards funding:

- An outside classroom to encourage children to explore the natural world at Giffard Park Primary School

- Facemasks, wipes and other COVID supplies at Ousedale

- More books to help children who have fallen behind with their reading at Green Park, Cedars and Tickford Primary Schools

Councillor Carr said: “Our local schools worked so hard throughout the pandemic, never failing to support pupils and their families.”

“I’m so thankful to have this money to donate, because I know it will help our schools, and hundreds of local children who have had such a difficult two years.”


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