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Outdoor Laser Tag Centre to open in Milton Keynes - MKCommunityHub

Urban battlefields will be opening it's doors on the 24th April 2021 with a unique outdoor laser tag centre for all ages to enjoy!

The games are played on purpose built maps with various gaming scenarios. Urban Battlefields are bringing the latest gun technology meaning your playing experience which can be enjoyed by adults and children alike!

The companies aim is to encourage friends and families to have an enjoyable experience together and leave behind the video games for just a few hours, to help create amazing memories in a real social environment.

It has been an idea that Mark Webb and Nick Hood have been building for the last 12 months during the difficult times of a pandemic which presented extremely challenging hurdles but managed to overcome and bring the dream to fruition.

''Whether you are 6 or 65 then come and step outside in to the fresh air with Urban Battlefields no impact outdoor laser tag, no more cramped hot and stuffy indoors, we use the latest British made laser taggers that puts us ahead in delivering an extremely lightweight consistent reliable weapon you can trust in battle which will help you seek that victory.''

''We have unique playing maps that are on open fields delivering game scenarios such as team TEAM ELIMINATION, CAPTURE THE FLAG and everyone’s favourite DOMINATION and each game scenario will be played on different gaming maps, it's just like stepping into your very own video game… now all you have to do is decide are you a sniper taking out your targets from distance or the runner and gunner that goes in close and creates mayhem for the enemy, which one are you!''

To find our more or to book your battle, click here.


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