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Parks Trust Plea for Safety and Respect to our open spaces

It's been another beautiful weekend but it is imperative that we look after the beautiful spaces we have here in Milton Keynes to enjoy.

The Parks Trust took to social media to remind everybody to enjoy themselves whilst the sun is shining but to also do it respectfully.

Unfortunately, there are people within society who cannot take their rubbish home, who cannot follow basic rules and who show total disrespect to the community they live in.

The Parks Trust posted,

''Please remember that BBQs are not permitted unless in designated areas due to the associated risks to wildlife, other people and the park itself. The picture shows the damage caused after somebody had a BBQ on a picnic table in Magna Park earlier this month.

Please look after your parks and take your litter home''

It's a simple message and a simple task.

Enjoy your weekend!

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