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Petition set up for Ousedale School to reconsider its stance on refusing to admit 25 children

Ousedale School Newport Pagnell Campus and Olney Campus are refusing to admit children in Villages of Moulsoe, Lavendon, North Crawley, Hardmead & Astwood, Stoke Goldington, and Sherrington as say they’re full, this is forcing the children to go to Stantonbury, a school many miles away from home, and a very unfamiliar place for children to be.

Parents have set up a petition to try and force the hand of Ousedale to reconsider their decision.

Scott Humphries said, ''25 children is less than one class! This has to be overturned, not just for these 25 children & their families, the Lavendon Children and families but also the children that will be in same place this time next year and EVERY year. We, the undersigned DEMAND action, Demand our right to send our Children to their LOCAL school. Demand our rights based on the neighbourhood plans to school our children as per those plans!''

You can look over the petition and sign it by clicking here


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