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Plans approved for green council homes

MK Council has approved plans for more than 60 new council homes to be built in Netherfield which will be among the greenest homes in the city.

The Cripps Lodge site, formerly a council run centre, will see a mix of new homes including bungalows and wheelchair friendly properties for elderly and vulnerable residents. Cripps Lodge will use green technology including solar panels, air source pumps and the highest standards of insultation to keep energy costs down for residents.

Work to build the net zero carbon homes is expected to begin later this year.

MK Council has set out its most ambitious and greenest council house building plan for a generation. It has plans to deliver 1,200 council homes by 2030, making them some of city’s most accessible and environmentally friendly homes.

Cabinet member responsible for council housing, Cllr Emily Darlington said: “We are delivering on our commitment to build these much needed council homes for MK families. We’re working hard to ensure that we don’t let sites sit empty as we progress with our green council housebuilding programme. My thanks go out to everyone involved, including Woughton Community Council for their work during the consultation.”


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