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Progressive Alliance Concerned for Young People’s Mental Health in MK

Progressive Alliance Cabinet members have written to the Chair of the Clinical Commissioning Group for Milton Keynes raising concerns about young people’s mental health.

The letter, written by Councillors Emily Darlington and Jane Carr, asks for an update on the commissioning work for young people’s mental health in Milton Keynes, and if anything has changed since pupils went back to school in September.

Labour Councillor Emily Darlington, Cabinet Member for Adults, Housing and Healthy Communities, said: “We cannot underestimate the impact of COVID and subsequent lockdowns on the mental health of our children and young people. They’ve experienced isolation, anxiety and loss like never before, and for many their mental health will have suffered.”

“We want to make sure that local mental health initiatives are getting the support they need, which is why we’ve written to the Chair of the CCG expressing our concerns and asking for any updates.”

Liberal Democrat Councillor Jane Carr, Cabinet Member for Tackling Inequality and Child Poverty, said: “Children and young people have been back in school for around two months now, and this will have had huge impacts on them mentally and emotionally. For some pupils it will have been positive, and others negative.”

“We want to know how the CCG is factoring this in their commissioning, and how it may impact local services.”


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