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Ringway MK cutting down icicles

We always expect ice on the roads and we know we have to drive carefully but have you ever looked up when walking under bridges / underpasses in MK?

If you have, you may have noticed some icicles hanging down.

MK Highways is a partnership with MK Council's highways service provider Ringway, who carry out work for MKC such as resurfacing roads, upgrading streetlights and also carrying out any work required to MK's bridges and underpasses.

Ringway Tweeted yesterday, ''As well as #gritting we've also had to attend a number of bridges where large icicles had formed over redways & roads. Our team used a MEWP vehicle to lift the team up to allow there safe removal, avoiding any risk to road or redway users.''

So, as temperatures are dropping to -7 degrees, take a look up when walking under bridges to avoid the possible drop!

Photo: Ringway MK

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