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Riotous, diverse drag act set to entertain LGBTQ+ fans at Namji Xscape

Diverse drag performer, Lady Bushra - who was shortlisted for the BBC New Comedy Award 2021 and whose moniker pokes playful fun at Pakistan’s first lady - is back at Namji Xscape next Thursday 28th April.

Naseem Khan, owner of Namji tells us more, “We have such a big LGBTQ+ following and customer base at Namji that we wanted to host an event that would appeal to them – and all our fun-loving and food-loving customers! This why we are serving up our “Bushra & Buffet Night” as our food is award winning Punjabi cuisine.”

Lady Bushra cuts close to the edge with her sardonic views of being of Pakistani heritage in the UK, delivering an entertaining blend of cutting-edge comedy, playfully encouraged audience participation, sarcasm and simply off the wall humour, which all makes for a great night out at Namji.

“We don’t know of any other drag act locally as diverse as Lady Bushra so we wanted to bring something different to the comedy loving public while also raising a bit of awareness about the challenges that transgender people face within ethnic communities – but done in a fun way.

We believe that more businesses across Milton Keynes should be supportive of the LGBTQ+ community and show their support for the hard and great work that Milton Keynes Pride has done over the last couple of years, just as we plan to do this year. Change can only come if we open our hearts and minds and become accepting of all people everywhere.” Naseem concludes.

Tickets for the Bushra & Buffet event are just £30 and can be purchased by clicking here.

Alternatively, call Namji Xscape on 01908 677600 to book your table now.


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