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Save money this Christmas by travelling together on MK Connect

Add a friend or family member to your MK Connect journey and save £1 on the second fare.

MK Connect is our local transport service aimed at residents who aren’t served by an existing bus route and can’t get around by other means. Vehicles are shared by passengers heading the same way, with pickups typically within a couple of hundred metres of the passenger’s home. More than 400,000 journeys have been made on MK Connect in the last year.

Usually MK Connect is £2.50 (off peak) and £3.50 (peak) per person per trip, but until February 2023 if you travel with a friend or family member, they can save £1.

Simply add another passenger on your journey through the MK Connect app, and pay £1.50 per person (off peak) and £2.50 per person (peak). Peak hours are 7am-9am and 4:30pm-6:30pm

For ‘all-in-one’ pass holders this means the second person travels for 10p as the single fare is £1.10.

Further information is available on

To book a journey please use the MK Connect app.


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