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Superhero Staff At MK Hospital Deliver Baby Girl As Mum Lays Unconscious Fighting Covid-19

Many people will argue that giving birth is one of the most spectacular moments you can ever experience but for one Mum in Milton Keynes, it's a moment she will never remember.

Beautiful baby girl Shifa Begum was delivered six weeks early by heroic doctors and nurses by emergency C-section whilst her critically ill mum Shamshad was unconscious. Mum Shamshad was then placed into an induced coma and on a ventilator which she stayed in for almost 5 weeks.

Nurses were on hand for the 5 weeks to help care for and nurture baby Shifa as mum continued fighting for her life.

Zaheer, Shamshads younger brother said, ''Last week my sister got to meet her daughter, almost 8 weeks since she was born. I cannot speak highly of Milton Keynes Hospital staff and charity Emilys Star and for how they looked after and supported my niece, my sister and my family through all this. We always hear about the negatives but rarely do we get to hear the good. We felt it was important to do so and share this story.''

On January 13th, Shamshad regained consciousness and was shown photographs of Shifa. She was taken off the ventilator on January 28th which was a welcome feeling of huge relief for all of the family.

He went on to say, ''Last week my sister got to meet her daughter for the first time, almost 8 weeks since she was born. The first time we saw the baby was when we went to the hospital to bring her home."

Shifa, who weighed in at just over 4 pounds, tested negative for Covid-19 and after 20 days, doctors said she was ready to go home with Mum.

Shamshads husband said, ''We have named our new baby girl Shifa, which is the Arabic word for healing/cure."

An extremely scary time for the family but we are glad to hear that baby Shifa is doing well and that Mum is on her road to recovery.

Zaheer finished the interview by saying, ''This is truly a blessing and I'm so glad my niece and sister are back home with the rest of the family, where they belong.''

Well done to all that were involved, you really are true superheroes.


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