Take Your Rubbish Home! A Simple Message.

Yesterday we experienced a day of sunshine and warmth which saw thousands of people descend on popular spots around Milton Keynes.

Litter found at Furzton Lake.

Unfortunately, at many of our parks and lakes, rubbish has been left for others to pick up, which is never acceptable.

How hard can it really be to take your rubbish home in a carrier bag?

Don't talk about the amount of bins. If you can carry it TO the park then you can carry it back home again.

We have already received messages from residents this morning who are upset by the level of rubbish left, including one resident of Furzton, who could not believe the amount of scattered litter around the lake.

''The photos don't do it justice but there is litter everywhere! Cans, crisp packets, glass bottles and takeaway bags. The said thing is we live in a society where many good people will no doubt go out and pick the rubbish up after everybody and the lesson is never learnt. Why not just take your rubbish home?''

A simple message we hear time and time again.

Put your rubbish in the bin or TAKE IT HOME!

Photo: Stony Stratford taken by Lynsey Abbott