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The Agora, Wolverton, in the 1980's

We love to share some of the amazing photos that The Living Archive work hard to find, share & educate the community of Milton Keynes with.

Living Archive collects, preserves and shares the history and heritage of Milton Keynes. Conceived as an antidote to the assertion that ‘new towns have no history’, and nurtured by the belief that ‘everybody has a story to tell’, it has recorded, archived and celebrated the unique history of residents’ lives and sense of place.

On Monday they shared a photo taken at the Wolverton Agora in the 1980's, of people leaning over the balcony, looking down onto the main space within the Agora.

The Agora was a shopping and former leisure centre in the middle of Wolverton, a fine Victorian railway town absorbed into Milton Keynes New Town in the 1970s but retaining an independent community identity and character.

Many people have fond of the Agora, from shopping at their market to eating in the cafe. It was a real central point for the community in Wolverton.

The plan is to completely re-develop the Agora - Take a look at the plans and have your say by clicking here:

Find out how we preserve your MK memories here:

Thankyou to the Living Archive for your continued work in providing us with so many happy memories.


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