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The Parks Trust Face Iron Trunk Aqueduct

In December 2020, the river bank collapsed in this area of the Floodplain Forest Nature Reserve which resulted in the loss of a footpath.

The Parks Trust team have been hard at work and they have recently reinstated a new pathway for visitors.

They have also carried out work to protect the river bank using bundles of willow branches.

You can see from the two pictures the amazing work the team have put in to this project.

During Christmas 2020, there was heavy flooding in Ouse Valley Park and the surrounding areas which caused a river bank to collapse (pictured below). This resulted in the loss of a footpath, so our team had to quickly put a diversion in place for visitors enjoying their Boxing Day walks. This summer, our team created a new pathway to improve access for visitors, using recycled materials where possible from the old pathway.

To find out full details on this project and beautiful area of MK, click here.

Thankyou to The Parks Trust for all of their continued hard work in keeping MK a lovely place to live & visit.


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