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The Parks Trust Recruit New Park Enforcement Team To Help Keep Mk's Parks Safe!

The Parks Trust have recently recruited a new Park Enforcement Team to help keep MK's parks safe!

As part of their role they are tackling littering and fly-tipping in problem areas across the city including checking boundaries along the grid roads.

The rubbish dumped in Milton Keynes parks and green spaces is harmful to wildlife and is very expensive for The Charity to deal with.

The officers will be trained by Thames Valley Police as part of the community safety accreditation scheme (CSAS). The scheme helps to create a greater presence of security to reduce local issues through partnership working with the police.

The Park Enforcement Officers will wear a Parks Trust uniform and will carry a CSAS identification badge. Body worn cameras will also be used to capture evidence when issuing fixed penalty notices. The use of the cameras will be covered by The Trust’s privacy policy which protects the data of individuals.

To find out more, click here.

Thankyou to The Parks Trust for continuing to help keep our parks safe, clean & tidy.


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