UK Partial Eclipse on 10th June in the UK - Find out all about it!

Milton Keynes based Charity UK Astronomy have provided all the information you need to see the partial eclipse/

UK Astronomy started as one man in a field. His name was Ross Hockham and all he was looking for was some friends to share his passion of the skies with.

Around 10am on Thursday 10th June, the moon will slowly cross the top of the Sun creeping past until 12.35pm where it then leaves.

A spokesperson for UK Astronomy said, ''Why not have a lunch time picnic or pop out for a walk and see if you notice the light dimming slightly around you at its peak at 11.19am, which is a weird sensation and the last one I noticed that the birds actually went quiet to. The last one I saw was a few years ago when I first started my astronomy journey and its pretty cool the pics here were taken from my 10” Dobsonian using solar film and just my iPhone.''

If you would like to know the best way in which to view the eclipse, visit the UK Astronomy website by clicking here.