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Upcoming roadworks in MK

Road repairs including potholes

22 March:

Conniburrow, Woodruff Avenue

Shenley Lodge, Edison Square

Ravenstone, Common Street

Emerson Valley - Pickering Drive

Tyringham - Filgrave to Gayhurst Road

Chaffron Way between V2 and V3

23 March:

Tattenhoe - Rosemullion Avenue

Stony Stratford - London Road

24 March:

Grafton Street between H8 and A5

Northfield - Northfield Road

Stacey Bushes - Stacey Bushes Roundabout

Giffard Park - Knebworth Gate

24 - 25 March:

Bletchley - Whaddon Way

25 March:

Loughton - Ashpole Furlong

Wolverton - Oxford Street

Lathbury - Sherington Road

Street Lighting

22 - 24 March:

Marlborough Street between H8 and H9

Gully cleaning (road drains):

23 March:

H7 Chaffron Way between V1 and V2

25 March:

H7 Chaffron Way between V10 and V11

Lining Refresh Works:

22 - 23 March:

V3 Fulmer Street between H5 and H6

24 - 25 March:

V3 Fulmer Street between H6 and H7

26 - 27 March:

V2 Tattenhoe Street between H7 and H8

30 - 31 March:

H7 Chaffron Way between V4 and V6

Resurfacing Works:

22 - 23 March:

Stony Stratford - Vicarage Road and Russell Street

24 - 29 March:

Stony Stratford - Wolverton Road

25 - 31 March:

Wolverton Road between V7 and Marsh Drive

30 March - 1 April:

H3 Monks Way between V10 and Marsh End Roundabout

For more details about roadworks, events and road closures for MK, visit

You can also visit our Highways & Transport Hub to find out more about the Highways service for Milton Keynes at


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