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Upcoming roadworks in MK

From 29 March 2021 we will be carrying out roadworks on some sections in the following areas. To provide a safe working environment for staff, some temporary road closures and diversions may be necessary.

Road repairs including potholes

29 March:

Bletchley - Aylesbry Street, Chepstow Drive and Middlesex Drive

V7 Saxon Street between H9 and H10

30 March:

Bletchley - Forfar Drive, Tavistock Street and Denbign Hall Drive

CMK - Midsummer Boulevard and Station Square

H4 Dansteed Way between V5 and V6

Millers Way between V5 and V6

Stacey Bushes - Myrtle Bank

31 March:

Bletchley - Simpson Road

H4 Dansteed Way between V4 and V5

1 April:

Bletchley - Whaddon Way and Masefield Close

Bradwell Common - Bradwell Common Boulevard

Eaglestone - Golden Drive

Fishermead - Kellan Drive

H5 Portway between V3 and V4

Bridge Refurbishment:

13 - 25 April:

Fenny Stratford - Watling Street

Gully cleaning (road drains):

29 March:

V10 Brickhill Street between H5 and H6

1 April:

V10 Brickhill Street between H7 and H8

Resurfacing Works:

6 - 11 April:

Chicheley - Newport Road

14 - 19 March:

V1 Snelshall Street between H6 and H7

20 - 21 March:

H3 Monks Way between V8 and V9

30 April:

Great Linford - Wolverton Road

Trial Holes:

12 - 14 April:

Springfield - Turbmill Avenue

For more details about roadworks, events and road closures for MK, visit

You can also visit our Highways & Transport Hub to find out more about the Highways service for Milton Keynes at


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