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Woburn Sands Festival Needs Your Help

Local lady Gill Brooke wants to host a Festival to help give back to the community and charities through the power of music.

Gill said, ''I believe in working with the community, for the benefit of it's residents and local charities. I want to put on another music festival and not only give the community something to look forward to and participate in, but to raise much needed funds for our local charities, that have suffered so much during the pandemic.''

The lineup of talent is ready and waiting to go but all that stands in the way is the financial side of things, to pull the idea into reality.

''It will cost around £5K to put this festival on, all our bands are playing for free, the stage is provided for free, costs will be sound, insurance, medical attendance, & portaloos.''

I/We have organised many events before, but this is an ambitious project which will run for 2 days over the august bank holiday weekend.

Please help us by donating as little or as much as you would like too, it would mean the world to the Woburn Sands Community and our local charities, and certainly to me.

If you can make a donation, then please do. We all need that escape from the past year and what better way to do it than through a community festival.

Click here to make a donation.


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