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Women’s Healthwatch Event at Namji a Huge Success!

A Healthwatch Milton Keynes event held at Namji Xscape, focusing on women’s health has proved to be a huge success.

Healthcare professionals came together to spread awareness and answer direct questions from an audience made up of a number of women from different ethnic minority groups based in and around Milton Keynes.

Tracy Keech, Deputy CEO of Healthwatch says, “It's been fantastic to see so many women coming together and sharing their experiences of women's healthcare services in Milton Keynes. Listening events like this offer people the opportunity to be part of a powerful collective voice that can influence positive change."

Presentations covered several areas including dispelling the myths around Covid vaccinations which were also offered on the day, diabetes, breast screening, maternity and mental health, sexual assault and health and domestic abuse.

Naseem Khan, owner of Namji Xscape adds, “Many women from these minority groups have often felt misunderstood, unheard or not listened to properly and in many cases, there has been a definite language barrier issue. The event held at Namji offered a safe space for them to come and be heard and perhaps be able to talk about subjects that they can’t talk about in front of their GP or husbands, for whatever reason.”

Namji also provided a healthy vegetarian lunch for the women as the cuisine of many ethnic minorities carries a high fat content in their everyday meals that also contribute to poor health.

“We are all just so pleased that the event was so well attended and that we have all managed in some way to contribute to better health within ethnic minority communities, here in Milton Keynes. Hopefully now, the women who attended can take the information away and help other women within their communities and they will have a better understanding of how the UK health service operates.” Concludes Naseem.

At this stage there is no second event planned, however please do follow Healthwatch Milton Keynes and Namji Xscape on social media for updates later in the year.

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