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1 in 5 police officers have reported being spat at during the Covid pandemic

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

A survey was carried out throughout the police force in England & Wales and results showed that 30% of officers had experienced people claiming to have Covid, threatening to spit at them.

1 in 5 officers claimed that they had been spat at.

More than 12,000 offers completed the survey which accounts for 10% of the overall force.

Angry readers took to social media to vent their disgust at the figures.

''Should be a year behind bars no questions''

''My son has been attacked in several ways over the years, even by people who’s lives he was trying to save.''

''Disgraceful. Who spits? Dreadful behaviour but to the very establishment that look after and protect us''

Should there be tougher punishments for spitting? An instant charge? A fine? Time behind bars?

This pandemic has highlighted furthermore the seriousness of germ transmission, so maybe it's time ti impose tougher consequences on those who feel it's ok to spit?


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