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19 Yo Arrested and cars seized following car cruise in Milton Keynes

Following a car cruise event in central Milton Keynes over the weekend, Thames Valley Police have taken action against a number of drivers in attendance.

A 19-year-old man from Milton Keynes, was arrested on suspicion of drug driving. He has since been released under investigation. Two cars were seized after being driven in an anti-social manner and three people were issued with warnings as a result of their driving. These warnings mean that if the individual or the car they were driving are seen in similar circumstances then they will be seized.

Neighbourhood Inspector Lee Brace said: “We know that car cruise events are a cause for concern in our local communities due to the anti-social and sometimes dangerous driving displayed by a small minority of attendees.

“We regularly work with local organisers and continue to take action against those who choose to use these events as an excuse to act in an anti-social or dangerous way. The two vehicles that were seized over the weekend had previously received warnings and drivers chose to ignore them and continue to issue tickets for vehicles that have been illegally modified.

“We also work closely with our roads policing colleagues who are able to pursue and intercept anyone who chooses to use our public roads to drive in a dangerous manner. I hope these outcomes from just one car cruise event over the weekend show the robust stance that we are taking.”


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