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200 People 'Party' at Willen Lake Tonight - Breaking All The Rules

Tonight, at Willen Lake, it's reported that a group of around 200 people decided to throw a 'party' beside the water.

We have had many reports from extremely worried visitors to Willen Lake of a huge gathering this evening.

This is a perfect example of how NOT to help fellow community members in fighting our way out of this pandemic.

This is how to show complete disrespect to those working on the front line.

This is how to show utter disregard to those who are doing their upmost to follow the rules, to help things go back to the best form of normality possible.

You should all be ashamed and we hope at the very least the police fine each and every single one of you.

On Twitter, people were furious. Pooja Sharma-Jones posted these photos and said, ''Absolutely disgusting. Total morons. I hope all 200 of you that were @willenlake today get fined. Not a brain cell between you . Mass picnic virtually on top of each other will lead to a mass outbreak among you''

Please, follow the guidance, it really isn't hard!


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