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28 Year Old Man Sentenced For Immigration Offences

Following an investigation by Thames Valley Police a man has been sentenced to two years’ and five months’ imprisonment for immigration offences.

Armond Mucmata, aged 28, formerly of Shackleton Place, Milton Keynes has been sentenced after he pleaded guilty to one count of conspire with others to facilitate the commission of a breach of UK immigration law by a non-EU person.

He was sentenced at Aylesbury Cown Court today (02/12) after he pleaded guilty at an earlier hearing at the same court on 27 October 2021.

The sentence was reduced by 29 days due to Mucmata spending time in custody in Sweden before his extradition.

The judge also indicated that an application would be made for Mucmata to be deported to his home country of Albania when he has served his sentence.

Mucmata conspired as part of an organised crime group to bring people into the UK to work at car washes. The individuals brought over were in breach of immigration laws and as Mucmata was involved in the trafficking of those people to the UK, he was charged with conspiracy offences, with which he has now pleaded guilty to.

The offences took place between 28 August 2017 and 14 February 2018.

On 13 February 2018 a number of warrants were executed which targeted a number of hand car washes in Milton Keynes. Mucmuta one of the suspects however evaded arrest and was later arrested by Swedish police in September 2021.

Another man was also sentenced to 24 months’ imprisonment after he was convicted of the same offence in October 2018. An application was also made by the court for this man to be deported back to Albania.

This conviction was part of Operation Scar, which targeted an organised crime group. Warrants were carried out at car washes and residential properties on 13 February. A number people were convicted and sentenced as a result of this for supply of class A drugs and immigration breaches.

A number of people were handed over to immigration officials to be deported.

On the day of the operation Belgium authorities intercepted six males who were to be trafficked into the country, the youngest of whom was 16.

Investigating officer, Detective Constable Janey Holmes, said: “Mucmata was clearly involved in an organised crime gang and his activities involved bringing people from non-EU countries to work and caused them to commit immigration offences themselves.

“I am satisfied that Mucmata has been sentenced meaning that he is unable to engage in such activity whilst he is in jail.

“Thames Valley Police is committed through Stronghold to working with partners such as international police forces and others to target those who involve themselves in serious and organised crime which is a blight on our communities.

“We would advise anyone who believes they are being forced to commit immigration crimes or perhaps even forced into modern slavery to please report it to us.

“If you think you are a victim please call 101, or you can report online on our website.

“There is further information on our website about immigration crime and modern slavery including information about other support agencies that victims can contact.”


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