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33,312 patients in Milton Keynes waiting to start NHS treatment say Lib Dems

Lib Dem Press Release: The latest stats from NHS England, published in January, reveal that 33,312 patients in Milton Keynes are waiting to start treatment.

The statistics show that some 14,583 patients have been left waiting over 18 weeks after their referral to treatment, while 841 have been waiting over a whole year.

Nationally, the figures show that 6 million people are on NHS waiting lists – a number that has doubled since 2015. This has led to the Liberal Democrats slamming the Conservatives for putting in-fighting ahead of the health crisis the country faces.

Commenting Liberal Democrat Group Leader on Milton Keynes Council, Councillor Robin Bradburn, said:

“It is beyond disappointing to see the government sit on their hands and fail to publish this much-needed plan because of internal Conservative Party fighting.

“These statistics show that 33,312 patients across Milton Keynes are being left to suffer because the government can't seem to get its ducks in a row and publish their plan.

“Residents have played their part in protecting the NHS and now they deserve better. At the very least the Government should start the process to help the thousands of people left stranded on huge waiting lists in Milton Keynes.”


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