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360 Play in Milton Keynes re-opening on May 17th - Be ready to play!

360 play are ready and excited to open their doors back for all the fun that soft play brings.

It is now essential for all attendees to pre book slots following the government guidance and the centre also explain they have made relevant safety changes to make your time at 360 is safe and fun.

360 Play is a family business and was created by a family. Founder and managing director Duncan Phillips, who also developed Gulliver’s Theme Park group with parks in Milton Keynes

360 incorporates physical play, role play, outdoor play, skills play and creative play providing something for every age group.

To find out all of the information you need or to book your tickets, click here.

The below video has been put together by the team at 360 to give you an understanding of the changes that have been implemented throughout 360 play across the UK.


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