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£600 financial boost for local money advice charity

Local councillors have donated £582 of their COVID ward-based budgets to MK Money Lifeline, a charity that offers free financial advice to people in Milton Keynes.

Liberal Democrat Councillors Jenni Ferrans and Leo Montague, who represent Monkston ward, have donated the money to help fund advice sessions for residents who may need help managing household finances, working out household budgets or coping with bills.

£300 of the donation went directly to MK Money Lifeline, and the rest was used for printing and distributing materials promoting the sessions.

Councillor Jenni Ferrans, who represents Monkston ward, said: “MK Money Lifeline does amazing work, and it is needed now more than ever as our residents are facing skyrocketing energy bills, increasing fuel prices and a National Insurance rise.”

Councillor Leo Montague continued: “COVID hit many of our resident’s financially, and now we’re facing a cost-of-living crisis. These are hard times, but we’re lucky to have amazing local charities like MK Money Lifeline to help the people of Milton Keynes when we need it most.”

“I’m grateful we have this money to donate, as I know it will help a great local charity help even more residents.”


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