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A Heartfelt Plea For Help As 23 Year Old Autistic Male Has Been Missing For 8 days

Tyler is autistic and also has mental health issues that are an added worry in his current disappearance.

Family members are asking for members of the community to share the information about Tyler across their social medias in hope that somebody somewhere has seen him, so the family can trace his steps and bring him home safely.

Although physically aged 23, Tylers mental age does not reflect this.

The anniversary of a family bereavement is soon approaching, which is also a major cause for concern as he has never been able to process or deal with this bereavement.

He has no phone, no money, nothing apart from the clothes he was last seen in.

There have been no confirmed sightings of him since Saturday 22nd may at Woburn and Bletchley train stations.

There whereabouts of Tyler now is not known so the family are not sure if he is still local or has managed to board a train.

He is the most gentle, polite person but extremely vulnerable and easily led which adds a huge amount of fear into this situation.

The family have contacted hospitals, homeless shelters, mental health facilities, mp’s - but no confirmed sightings of him anywhere as yet.

Sisters of Tyler Latoya and Rochelle have said “Please come home Tyler or seek help anywhere and we will come and get you. We are not cross or angry we are so scared for you”

Cousin of Tyler, Leah, told us,

''We have put up pictures of him and shared on social media and the support has been appreciated via those avenues. The police are aware but we feel there is a lot more than can be done to help bring him home. We are feeling so helpless.''

Please share this article.

If you have ANY information at all, please contact 07715821541 / 07706932436 or contact the police via 101 quoting reference 43210222040


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