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A Night Of Drum & Bass for Local Music Promoter, Booming After The Pandemic

OTD – On The Decks started in 2019 after the closure of a small club in Buckingham spurred a few local DJs to take matters into their own hands.

Their aim? bring Drum and Bass back to the Milton Keynes / Buckingham area.

With only two events underneath their belts before lockdown hit OTD had their work cut out for them from the very start. Working tirelessly to build their brand whilst they weren’t allowed to leave their homes, they have used everything at their disposal to make their dream a reality.

At the start of lockdown, they immediately saw the opportunity to capitalise on the interest in livestreaming. They quickly got their team of resident DJs regular slots on various pages across Facebook and YouTube such as bloc2bloc, Dose radio, and their own pages also. This served to build the online social media presence of OTD and served as their lifeline during a period that hit the music industry harder than ever before.

After popular demand, merchandise was soon released and can now be spotted on DnB ravers throughout the UK. This is one of the first examples of OTD’s dedication to local small businesses as their merchandise supplier ‘Dynamic Threads’ runs a small printing shop out of Bletchley and their main customer base is other small up and coming Drum and Bass brands. OTD bring out regular merch drops with new creative designs and are aiming to create a line of apparel with designs from local artists within the scene.

Unit Nine Music Venue, Old Wolverton.

Also, throughout the 2020 summer all their resident DJs were taking a break from the decks and working hard doing some manual labour to build their own studio. Based in Buckingham, it is used as a place to livestream, produce, and serve as the HQ where they could better organise and plan all future events from.

This all served to fuel the upcoming plans that OTD had and gave them the means to put these plans into action. All this hard work has now culminated into the greatest event they have put on yet!!

OTD presents Turno and friends!! Built from the ground up by OTD the line-up includes the legendary Turno as well as a host of incredibly talented Djs local to the area. From the beginning this event was meant to be a love letter to all of the ravers and Drum and Bass fans by finally bringing a big name to the area created and promoted by a local brand and also showing that not even a two-year break from raving can stop the scene from continuing to build!!

OTD are hoping that this event is going to serve as the catapult that is going to launch the Buckinghamshire area into the spotlight and make it a hub for not only Drum and Bass, but for all dance music in the years to come.

The event is taking place on Friday 22nd October at Unit Nine. 18+ Event.

Tickets can be purchased by clicking here.


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