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A Raving Love Story - A Dream Wedding Day in Local Music Venue

Unit Nine Music Venue in Milton Keynes is fast becoming the place to go for all things live music.

Unit Nine is a Music Venue that hosts events of all types, something for everyone. The venue is widely known however for it's high level Electronic DJ Bookings, with people travelling from all over the UK on a weekly basis.

Some of the names to visit Unit Nine to date are; Paul Oakenfold, Andy C, Judge Jules, Wilkinson, Chase & Status, Hybrid Minds, Trevor Nelson, Craig Charles, Martin Kemp… and the list goes on and on!

Well, for one newly married couple, history was made back in July 2021 when they attended a Classic House event. Bex Beynon and Steve Smith both attended the event and un be known to them, they’d be finding their happy ever after.

Less than two years on, the couple decided that they wanted to tie the not and where better to do it than the venue where they first met.

‘’We approached Unit Nine to see if there would be any chance in hosting a Wedding in the venue. We are both lovers of House music and as we met at the venue, we thought it would be a memorable and unique day for us and our loved ones. Thankfully, they said yes!’’

So the planning began and on Sunday 4th June 2023, the wedding took place.

Unit Nine is a converted warehouse music venue, so turning it in to a wedding paradise seemed maybe far fetched, but not for interior designer Nikkita Palmer, who listened to the brief and delivered a stunning aesthetic look for the couple.

Becca & Steve (BEEVE!) told us the story of how they met and how this wedding came to happen at Unit Nine. Hold on to your seats, it's a beauty!

''Whilst we were coming to the end of lockdown, my friends (MJ & Ian Pearce) & I (Bex) were desperate to get out and hadn’t actually been to Unit Nine before (shockingly as it’s only a few miles from where I lived). I saw that Tall Paul was on who I’d seen at a festival a couple of years back and thought that would be the perfect post lockdown rave!

I arrived rather early that night so the venue was quite empty. I was standing at the bar with my friends and saw a rather good looking guy walk in! He then took off his hoodie and flashed his 24 pack haha. I spent all night checking him out but as I don’t ever chat people up I was too nervous to approach him. I knew I couldn’t let him leave the club without saying something as I’d of regretted it!

At around 2am he ended up standing next to me on the dance floor! So after plucking up the courage (scared he was not going to be interested) I turned to him and said “did you know that you are by far the best looking guy in the club”.. the rest was history.

We went into the outdoor smoking area and chatted away and had a dance together before getting a cab home. Steve’s phone had died so I had his number but he didn’t have mine.. now normally there’s a 3 day rule before messaging but I couldn’t help myself and messaged as soon as I got in. Luckily he messaged back and we’ve been absolutely inseparable since!

It may sound cliche but when we met it seemed different and we both just knew it was right! 3 months later we moved in together and not long after that we got engaged.

We absolutely LOVE raving together and Unit Nine is our favourite place to do it! We were at the venue watching Hybrid Minds in September 2022 and had an epiphany- as Unit Nine is where we met and where we’ve spent so many amazing nights together and with friends, we thought we’d try our luck and message to see if they could accommodate the wedding! To our surprise we had an instant response of yes!

Not only is it special as it’s such an important place to us, but we were lucky enough to get married on the same stage that some of our favourite DJ’s have played! It really was a dream come true and an unforgettable wedding!!

We’d like to add a special thanks to all the team at Unit Nine who helped to make all of this possible, we’ve made friends for life!!''

Do you want to find Love at Unit Nine? Well, there is something for everyone so why not take a chance and book yourself a ticket! Click here to find out what's going on at Unit Nine.

We offer our absolute best wishes and love to Bex & Steve on a VERY happy future together.



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