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A TikTok Influencer on the Rise - Callum Ryan Reaches Half a Million Followers and Counting

On MK Community Hub we like to shout about positive stories and this one will be no stranger to TikTok lovers of Milton Keynes. Today we talk about influencer ThatOneCal.


Callum Ryan, a 20 year old Social Media Content Creator from Milton Keynes has been recognised online for his creativeness since the age of 16 and his hard work is paying off, as he has just reached the half a million follower mark on his TikTok account.

If you are a keen user of TikTok or if your children use it, they will have more than likely seen his face on their FYP (For You page) as he is fast becoming a TikTok sensation across the UK.

Callum is part of what is called The Icon 'Influencer House'. For those that don't know, an influencer house is exactly what it says it is! A house whereby influencers come together to live and breathe content creation.

From the outside, it may seem like an absolute breeze of a job but the reality is, it's far from easy. They spend 7 days a week planning, plotting and working together to come up with ideas for entertaining and engaging content to please the combined millions of followers that they have.

Callum spoke to us exclusively about reaching the 500,000 follower mark, he said, ''Half a million followers is a great marker but I know this is just the beginning. It shows that what I am doing is having an impact on people watching which makes it all worthwhile. I make content that I think people will enjoy watching, that they would want to share with their family and friends. If it makes people happy, that's all that really matters. I am extremely grateful for every single person that follows me.''

We asked Callum what it's like living day to day in the Icon House as an influencer.

''At first, moving in with strangers to create content when I'd originally been doing it at home alone was a strange experience but avoiding all cliches, we really are one big family. We are fortunate that every single person in the house brings something different to the table, which means creating the content is that little bit more fun and easier.''

Not only has Callum been making a noise on TikTok but his Mum has joined the party too.

Therese recently racked up over 5 million views on one of her videos. ''To be honest I just do it for fun. I started it as a total laugh between my family and friends and I can't I've become slightly addicted!''

Therese has always supported Callum in following his dreams, she told us, ''I am extremely proud of how far he has come. A lot of people think that being an influencer isn't a 'real' job but Callum and many others prove doubters otherwise. We always knew he was an entertainer and he works so hard for what he is achieving right now.''

So far, Callum has racked up over 14 million likes on his TikTok videos alone and he's now taking his work to the next level, not just on TikTok. He recently used local artist Jamie Stimpson's new single 'So Lost' on a video that reached over 2.8 million people.

Callum has also been known to make TV appearances and we feel that in the near future, Callum will be appearing on screens on a more regular basis.

You can find Callum on social media by clicking the links here. Tiktok and Instagram

''Don't use social media to impress people, use it to impact people.'' - Dave Willis

We love the above quote as social media tends to be viewed negatively in general but clearly, Callum helps to break that stereotype by creating content that not only enables him to further a dream career but also, to help spread some positivity too.


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