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Abandoned Subaru costs MK motorist almost £1,700

A motorist who dumped their Subaru in a residential car park has been ordered to pay almost £1,700 in fines and costs after a successful investigation by MK Council’s Environmental Crime Unit.

They were found guilty at MK Magistrates on 8 October of abandoning a Subaru Impreza in Newton Leys earlier this year.

The court heard that the council’s Environmental Crime Unit responded to reports of the abandoned car in March 2021, served it a seven day notice and informed the owner of the vehicle by letter to their home address.

They failed to respond to the letter or pay the £200 Fixed Penalty Notice and was subsequently asked to appear in court.

Although the motorist didn’t attend, they were found guilty in absence and ordered to pay almost £1,700, including a £440 fine, investigation and legal costs of £728.70 and £465 for the vehicle’s recovery and destruction.

Cllr Lauren Townsend, Cabinet Member for Public Realm said: “This motorist should have scrapped their car with a licensed scrap metal dealer and they would’ve been paid for doing so.

“Abandoning your car for someone else to clean up for you just isn’t acceptable. It’s a crime and we’ll find you. I hope this case sends out a clear message to anyone thinking of doing the same.”


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