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Alcohol PSPO extension in Bletchley and Stantonbury

We’re conducting a public consultation to inform a formal decision set to be made on whether to extend and vary an Alcohol Public Space Protection Order (PSPO) to include the whole of Bletchley and Stantonbury Parishes.

The PSPO is due to expire in October 2021. In September 2020, the council made a formal decision to extend this for one year subject to a public consultation in 2021.

MK Council is proposing that the PSPO remains in place for a further three years. The PSPO is not a ban on drinking in public places, but is in place to tackle anti-social behaviour connected with drinking alcohol. The PSPO will not affect licensed premises.

Click here to have your say in this consultation using the online feedback form. Your views will inform a formal decision.

This consultation ends on 12 August 2021


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