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An important message from the Director of Public Health for Milton Keynes

Although our local COVID-19 infection rate has fallen in recent months, it is still higher than the regional average. Workplaces remain one of the most likely places to catch the virus. In Milton Keynes there is a young workforce who will not receive their vaccination until the summer.

As the economy starts to open it is likely we will see a resurgence of cases, particularly in younger people.

Current Government guidance states that all businesses should continue to encourage staff to work from home wherever possible. However, where staff do need to attend go in to their workplace to work, it is important to continue to follow these straightforward actions to stop the virus spreading.

  • Remind your employees to observe the HANDS – FACE – SPACE rules and provide the right materials, such as hand sanitiser and signage. The importance of these measures is explained in the following Government video.

  • Maximise ventilation in the workspace – see practical steps below.

  • Encourage employees with any cold-like symptoms to be extra cautious. This may mean isolating and booking a test at or via 119.

  • Establish rapid workplace testing on site or support workers to do this at home. Free rapid tests for businesses for regular workplace testing. Businesses must register interest by 12 April to access free tests.

  • Tell us of any confirmed COVID-19 cases at your workplace by completing this form.

This is a vital part of surveillance and means we can ensure you and your business get the help you need

Additional information for businesses opening in April 2021, and higher risk workplaces are detailed below.

Thank you for your support to help control the virus.

Vicky Head

Director of Public Health for Milton Keynes

For more information and frequently asked questions please visit the BLMK website.


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